New Hope restores emotional and spiritual health.



Mentoring is the key component of New Hope’s approach toward combating poverty. At the monthly food distributions, volunteer mentors meet with a member of each family that participates in our food pantry. The mentor and participant discuss life updates, set goals, and pray if they wish. This mentor-participant relationship is the distinctive heart of New Hope. It provides the emotional support, accountability, and resources necessary for families to move from crisis to self-sufficiency. At New Hope, we recognize that poverty is not just a state of material need; it is also a psychological and emotional struggle.


Family Program

Often, the challenges our program participants face are rooted in broken homes, emotional stress, and family difficulties. In these cases, mentors refer the family or individual to our Family Program. The Family Program helps our program participants restore relationships with family members, neighbors, and themselves. The program is directed by Felipe Cortes, a Ministry Associate of Pastoral Care with over 20 years of education and experience in Family Counseling. Felipe provides individual, couples, and family counseling sessions, as well as monthly Parenting Classes.


Women of Hope

Our participants need emotional support during times of trial. That is why we started Women of Hope. Women of Hope is a network and support group made up of women of all ages from the Haledon and Prospect Park communities. On the second Thursday of each month, they get together to support one another, share a meal. Then they have some fun! The women break into smaller groups to participate in activities including crafting, life skills, crocheting, cooking, and a Bible study. Women of Hope is much more than a women’s group, however. It is a place where we develop leaders who give back to our community. Currently, we have six women who have formed a Steering Committee to plan and organize events, help everyone stay in touch in between meetings, and carry out various leadership roles. By building up leaders within the group, we empower women to use their gifts for the good of the community, generating sustainable leadership for the future.