Life had been giving us lemons. This little girl made lemonade.

One Friday, I got a call. “Can my daughter drop by after school? She has something she wants to give you.” Later, when I opened the door, seven year-old Brielle Tanis and her mom, Stephanie, stood smiling back. With some aplomb, Brielle pulled a Ziploc bag full of quarters and dollar bills from behind her back, and placed it in my hands.

Stephanie explained, “Brielle felt so sad about the recent robbery at New Hope, that she opened a lemonade stand last Saturday to raise money to help.”

“Here’s $40,” Brielle beamed. It was everything she had.

My eyes welled with tears. I was blown away by her
caring and generosity. I had been praying for encouragement, and here was God’s answer.

To be honest, this has been a tough summer at New Hope. Several staff members are grieving the loss of friends and close relatives. We’ve been short of our quarterly revenue goals, which means we need to raise $200,000 by December 31 to keep going. Then we got robbed - twice. Two men broke in, stealing laptops and all our gift cards for the Christmas market. After replacing the computers and installing a new security system, it put us down another $7,382. “This is the time to have faith,” I said to myself. Instead, I felt discouraged.


That Friday evening, when I shut the door and carried Brielle’s precious gift upstairs, I felt God’s presence reminding me that we all have something to give. Through our community’s love and generosity, we can sustain and grow God’s work at New Hope Community Ministries. I was reminded that my gifts matter, and so do yours.

Just by sharing your daily change, you could change lives in our town. For as little as:

  •  $12 a month, or $0.39 a day, you could help two children be prepared for school, helping them complete assignments and achieve better grades through our School Depot program.
  • $20 a month, or $0.65 a day, you could help one child receive a free meal a month, learn a Christian curriculum, and develop leadership skills through Children of Hope.
  • $26 a month, or $0.84 a day, you could provide one woman with relationship support, leadership development, life skills, and the opportunity to obtain nutritional counseling, parenting classes, or Bible study at Women of Hope.
  • $35 a month, or $1.13 a day, you could provide five monthly meals for a family of four at our food pantry.
  • $61 a month, or $1.96 a day, you could provide one New Hope participant access to all of our programs, offering emotional support, help with job acquisition, and leadership development.

Would you consider signing up today to become a monthly donor? By giving what you can, through the love of Christ, you will be building relationships and empowering those in crisis to move to self-sufficiency- right here, in Prospect Park and Haledon, New Jersey.

Thank you for your kindness, prayers, and financial support. Together, we can bring new hope to this community. To start your monthly contribution click here or hit the "Donate" button on the top right of the website. When you navigate to the donation page, select "monthly" in the "donation frequency" drop-down menu.

With blessings and shalom,

Jen Williams
Director of Development
New Hope Community Ministries

P.S. Will you consider becoming a monthly donor today? Your monthly gift of $12, $20, $26, $35, or $61 a month will help restore our community. These dollar amounts represent the cost of the services with which they are paired. When you give at these levels, your support will be directed to the overall annual fund and not to the specific program represented unless you select the program as a designation. The purpose of the pairing is to communicate the possible impacts of your gifts at each level.

Through the love of Christ, we build restorative relationships with individuals and families in our community, empowering them to move from crisis to self-sufficiency.