Kimberly Speaks

“I am a proud mother.”

Kimberly, now 19 years old, found herself unexpectedly pregnant at the age of 18 toward the end of her senior year of high school. She had originally learned about New Hope through their ESL program in which her mother was involved. Later, she and her mother both became involved in New Hope’s Women of Hope program. Kimberly then discovered that she could depend on the women from this group for support during this emotional and difficult time. Feeling both scared and unsure of what her and her baby’s future held, Kimberly was left upset and uncertain. However, with the help of her supportive family and the women at New Hope, Kimberly gained the confidence to decide against both abortion and adoption, coming to the decision that she would keep the baby. Regarding the women at New Hope, she says, “They are here to help everyone and anyone. They will be there for you. They won’t judge you. They will help you out.” The women of New Hope hosted a baby shower and made her feel better about the situation, supporting her through the entire pregnancy. Kimberly is now the proud mother of a nine-month-old little girl named Jaylyn.

“Before New Hope, I didn’t feel like there was a possibility that there could be that many people that cared about me,” she says, “I feel like the women are part of my family here… They encourage me to keep going. They encourage me to go to school and always tell me about job opportunities… I feel a lot better about myself when I talk to them.”