Nothing Can Separate Us from the Love of Christ 

Karyne tells her story at Hearts of Hope 2018

When Karyne found out she was pregnant at 15, she abruptly stopped coming to New Hope’s teen program. She wouldn’t return calls or texts. 

“I didn’t feel like I was good enough to come back,” Karyne said, choking back tears, as she shared her story on-stage at our Hearts of Hope Fundraising Dinner. 

“When I told Amy [the group leader] that I was pregnant, I immediately started crying and she looked at me and said ‘It’s okay’ and hugged me... Looking back, I feel that telling Amy was symbolic of how I felt towards the whole world knowing. Even though it was not the ideal time for it, I should not be ashamed of the baby I was growing inside me.”

It was not easy having a newborn in the 10th grade. Karyne persisted and continued to attend New Hope Teen Leaders. She recently graduated high school and will soon start her freshman year at John Jay School of Criminal Justice!


I love New Hope because everyone is so loving and accepting. They take everyone in and treat them like family. It is a place where you can go to forget about your problems or find someone who will listen and help to guide you in the right direction. In the ‘New Hope Teen Leaders,’ I really got the chance to put myself out there and volunteer within the community. Whether it be taking care of the kids at ‘Women of Hope’ or building a garden. You feel like you can make a difference when you are involved with New Hope. Being a part of New Hope is being a part of something bigger than yourself. It has helped to shape the person I am today.”
— Karyne, New Hope Teen Leader