glenn's story

“We went from giving to charities with my wife, to--I never thought in a million years this is where I would be.”

Twenty-six years into their relationship, Glenn’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, just one month after their youngest was born. After a three-year battle, the couple learned the unthinkable: cancer had spread to her bones, and the disease was terminal.

“So here I am.”

“As far as God, I was brought up to be a Christian.  I had my battle with God first when my mom was dying eight years ago.  He gave me signs that He did exist, even though the bad had come…We almost lost my wife in January.  All I asked was for more time, more time.  And He gave me six months.”

His dreams are simple. He wants to “watch my kids doing their thing and growing up to be good kids...I just want what’s best for them...Anything other than this.”

“My kids are what kept her going [despite pain]. All she did was fight, fight, fight.  Until finally I told her to just go.  I got this.  Within three minutes she shed one tear and it was over.”

“For years and years, my wife just gave and gave and I always laughed at her.  It’s funny because she said, ‘Pray to God that you are never going to need this. This is something you do.  We have a lot.’  You never know when you are going to need it.  So while you have it, give.”

“Sometimes when I come [to the New Hope Food Pantry] I don’t take things because we truly don’t need it and someone else may need that a lot more than us.  I say that all the time. Just be human. It’s about humanity, that’s really what it’s all about.  I’ve been on both sides of this fence now.  We are only here once and we have to take care of each other.”